The vegetation consists of: Green Oaks, Oak White, Maples Montpellier, Chestnut (Also the legendary Corsican pine Laricio, chestnut is an essential part of the island culinary life). Forests and Tartagine Melaja consist mainly of Corsican Pine (it is easily recognizable by the extreme uprightness of his trunk - that served elsewhere once the Romans to make the masts of their boats - It is found between 800 and 1800 meters, it can measure up to 50 meters in height to 2 meters in diameter and the oldest (some go up to 400 years), the Corsican pine is an iconic part of our forests).


"Le grand chêne"

A large number of endemic Corsican plants (has a special place) are present here. The most spectacular are...

The Pankration Illyria (Illyricum Pancrattium) A Pancrazia, is certainly one of the largest and most spectacular wildflowers Corsica.


"La Pancrace d'Illyrie"


La Scrofulaire trifoliée (Scofularia Trifoliata) ou U Suchjamele.

Coralline Peony (Paeonia Corsica) or U Pavonu , huge flowers and sweet fragrance. Unfortunately this is a species that is scarce. This phenomenon is due to excessive harvesting.



 "L’Immortelle des Frimas"  "U Pavonu"

L’Epine Vinette de l’Etna (herberis aetnensis) ou A Spinella.

L’Immortelle des Frimas (hélichrysum frigidum) ( only grows on the rocks above 800m, with flowering from June to August.)

The Bernard Columbine (Aquilegia Bernardi) L'Amore Piattu, grows in the shade of the rocks between 1000 and 2500 m altitude. This little blue flower looks so delicate, measuring 5 to 10 cm at the end of its stem. Its leaves are green and look like big clubs.

Not endemic but a remarkable beauty, Tiger Lily mountains.



"L’Amore Piattu" "A Spinella"

The micro region can boast of the presence of two very old plant: the great oak (it was cited as the biggest in Europe) against the bottom of the Battaglini building and a huge hoary chestnut in the territory of Forcili.


Attention, all these plants are protected and collection is prohibited.

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