Le Giussani... U Ghjunsani



The Giussani is this high valley close to 95 square kilometers, which extends over the foothills of the central chain of Corsica. The regular mass of Monte Padru (2393 m)dominates the scene. A Statoghja, a Curona, a Punta Radiche, Monte Grossu, san Parteu, Monte Tolu, Tornaboie, L'alturaghja are the sentinels.

The geological structure has rugged shapes. To the South the porphyritic rock carries the forest of Tartagine and Melaja. To the west a imposing granite massif fixed the villages of Mausoléo, Olmi Cappella et Pioggiola. To the east, the area of Gneiss u can found the Village of Vallica. To the North, you have sedimentary lands able for cereal crops. The erosive action of streams fromTartagine,Melaja and their tributaries defines many valleys.



Human occupation proved since prehistoric times. The Neolithic era date the megalithic monuments, the wells, engraved stones and all the lithic material.

Before the Roman occupation there were two centers of population: from the Valley of Francioni and from the Valley of Conca.

The establishment of Christianity seems very old taking into account the oral tradition and names. San Parteu, Faith companion of St.Restitude from Calenzana is martyred by the Roman authorities in IVème century.

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