The Mouflon emblematic animal of our summits whose herds roam the lines of Monte Padru ridges (2393m) and San Parteu (1680m).

The Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) or Altore giant vulture fly hovers high to identify the bodies of dead animals and consume his bones.
The Royal eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) or Acula eagle, this vast majestic flight eagle feeds on small animals.
Other great eagle, as Milan Royal (recognizable by his white cuffs and V tail) or Variable Buse is evolving all day long in the sky.


Le Milan Royal ''U Filanciu" Milan3.png

La Sitelle Corse ''A Pichjarina''


The Corsican Sitelle (Sitta Whiteheadi) or A Pichjarina only endemic bird of France, prospecting almost exclusively into old Corsican pine forests and uses the dead trees to drill its nest.

Corsica Salamander (Salamandra Corsica) have yellow mottled black body, it can cross into the undergrowth wood in wet weather.





  La Salamandre « U Cuccurullu »                                                                                    Le Mouflon « A Muvra »

The Malmignatte, black spider spotted with red spot, like high heat in dry areas. It is the only insect bite who may cause some inconvenience.
The Truite Fario is a fish with an average length of 25 to 140 cm; it has a slender body, yellowish color with many colored dots

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